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We specialize in helping you develop a clear, compelling message so your clients connect with you and your company grows. You have an important message. We help you get it out there through our 3-phase process.

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Our 3-Phase Process Designed to Help You Grow

Work with us to create a clear 2-year growth plan for your business, build marketing resources, and execute your strategy with clarity to connect with your audience and grow your business.

1. Plan

The first step of our process consists of walking through the four tools that make up the ClearSound Suite. These tools will help you Create a 2-Year Growth Plan, Engage Your Audience, Craft a Compelling Narrative, and know how to Execute Your Plan.

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2. Build

Once we have determined what is needed to best communicate your brand's message to your target audience, our team of creative professionals will work together to develop the marketing resources that you need to grow your brand.

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3. Launch

Once your plan is in place and we have worked together with you to create the resources needed to execute the plan, our team will work with you to manage your marketing strategy or to train your team members to execute your plan with excellence.

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The Plan Phase

The Clearsound Suite: Your team will work directly with our Clearsound Team using our premium suite of marketing and branding tools. These tools go beyond the Clearsound Framework Course and provide a defined roadmap for the growth of your business over the next 2 years. These calls can be done virtually or on-site with your team. 

Perfect for any business wanting to align their team around a clear marketing plan with experts providing consultation and strategy throughout the entire Clearsound Suite process.


The Clearsound Framework: In this online course, you'll learn a 4-part framework that will help you connect with your ideal customers and grow your business by having a clear marketing plan that helps you stand out from the noise, create a clear sound, and connect with customers that feel honored to buy your product or service. You will learn how to create a 2-year marketing plan with goals, objectives, and next steps to help you connect your audience with clear messaging on the channels they spend the most time on.

Perfect for any solo entrepreneur or small team who wants to craft a clear 2-year marketing plan with audiences, messaging, and channels defined by using the same framework we have used with over 50 clients over the past decade.

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The Build Phase

We will work with you to create and optimize various digital and physical marketing assets to help you reach your target audience and grow your business.

Here are some examples of what is involved in the building phase:

- Building a website with clear landing pages to capture leads.

- Creating an e-commerce platform to facilitate online sales.

- Developing an online course that is produced and positioned well for the target market.

- Producing video messaging that resonates with the top target audiences.

- Taking photos of the team, location, and customers for a new, updated website.

- Setting up ads on social media and Google for future advertising.

- Updating the logo to match the new, clearer messaging.

- Creating or updating the brand to be clear and cohesive.

- Creating print materials such as business cards, pitch decks, and folders to better serve the ideal audiences.

During this phase, we will work closely with you to ensure that your marketing channels are effectively designed and optimized to connect with your audience and achieve your business goals.

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The Launch Phase

We will work with you to execute and put the marketing strategies and assets developed in previous phases into action.

During the implementation phase, Clearsound Consulting may assist clients in various aspects of executing their marketing plan, which can include:

- Implementing SEO strategies to improve search engine visibility

- Copywriting for creating compelling marketing content

- Writing and managing blog posts to drive organic traffic and engage your audience

- Generating leads through effective lead-generation strategies

- Designing lead capture pages and lead magnets to attract and convert new prospects

- Updating and optimizing websites to improve your user experience and your conversion rates

- Creating high-quality videos and photography to enhance visual storytelling

- Managing ads on platforms such as Google, Facebook, and other advertising mediums

- Developing and executing social media strategies to increase your brand awareness and engagement

- Crafting effective YouTube and podcast strategies for reaching your target audience(s)

The precise details and scope of the implementation phase may vary depending on the specific needs and goals of each client. We are about long-term relationships so we cater this to you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying


Greg Liszka, CFP¬ģ, RICP¬ģ

Greg Liszka of Iron Point Financial, LLC has worked with the Clearsound Team since 2017 and has since grown his team, his clients and improved his strategy. Iron Point Financial is committed to helping people secure a brighter tomorrow through personalized financial planning advice. Listen to Greg tell of his experience.


Jim Shorkey

Jim Shorkey grew one struggling car dealership to 20 thriving car dealerships. He then used this success to work with the Clearsound Team to help him start Results From Thinking, a mentorship company committed to helping people change the way they think to get the results they want. Jim has sold hundreds of coaching programs and online courses.