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Here's What We're All About: 

Clearsound Consulting, as it is known today, was started in 2013 by Brad McKoy. Brad sincerely believed businesses needed to stand out from all the noise around them by creating a clear sound that resonated with their audience and would grow their business.

Clearsound Consulting started by proving our concept of that creating a clear sound worked by helping two local businesses grow significantly in a few short months.

That success brought us our first paid client, a local dive bar. The owner had a vision that the president of our local college would be so excited about the new development that they would hold lunch meetings at the restaurant - it happened.

From there, Derek Kelly joined the team and eventually joined forces to combine Brad's expert sales and branding knowledge with Derek's messaging and marketing knowledge to begin to build a talented team to serve clients.

Many of Clearsound's initial clients were local to our downtown area, but over the past ten years, we have served clients from around the world.

Although we don't serve many clients on our local downtown Main Street anymore, our core convictions remain that you must create a clear sound and stand out from the noise. You can do that by learning how to connect with your audience in a way that prompts your audience to respond, so your business grows.

Your Message Needs to Be Heard

We have seen this Clearsound process help over 50 different clients across many industries. We believe your message needs to be heard.

Have you ever thought to yourself:

  • I have an excellent product/service, but how do I get what I offer in front of more people that could benefit from it?
  • I have customers, but how do I find more people like them?
  • I want to communicate more clearly about who I am and what I offer, but how do I stand out from all the other companies who do exactly what I do?
  • I have customers, but how do I extend the area we serve, improve our digital online presence, and grow our business to the next level?

If so, then you've come to the right place!

Whether you are a service professional, course creator, e-commerce store, or solopreneur, we can help.

One Thing in Common...

Growing a business with an engaged audience isn't as simple as posting to Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Cold-Calling, or attending local chamber of commerce meetings. It is about more than running the best ads; it is about communicating in a way that allows people to resonate with your brand in a way that calls them to respond while feeling valued, not violated.

Between chiropractors, real estate agents, non-profits, therapy companies, insurance agents, authors, personal development coaches, e-commerce stores, energy companies, and more all have this one thing in common.

They want to stand out from the noise. They want to communicate with their audience in a way that connects deeply, produces sales, and grows their business.

If you have read this far, then you feel the same way. We have found four key pieces you must know to connect with your audience and grow your business. You must have the following:

  • A 2-year Growth Plan
  • Defined Ideal Audiences
  • A Pinpointed Message
  • Channels that Connect Your Audience and Messaging to Your Growth Plan

Ready to Connect with Your Audience and Grow Your Business?

But before you do ANY of these four key points well, you must have leads... Not any leads, but qualified leads that are the right leads for your business.

In fact, I want to help you start getting leads. If you click the link below, you can download our 5 Ways to Attract the Right Kind of Leads. Then, in a few days, we will send you another resource to MAXIMIZE those leads.

If you love these resources, feel free to jump on a free 15-minute call with us, where we reveal one of our best strategies on how not just to get leads but how to structure your business to get referrals.

If you have 15 minutes to read these resources and 15 minutes for a referral strategy call, then you can spend less than one-hour learning strategies that can get you started toward connecting with your audience and growing your business.


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Meet The Team

As someone who loves helping people discover the passions hidden inside them, Derek is committed to helping business owners grow to all they can be as he is growing and learning himself. 

Derek possesses many practical execution strategies and tips on helping you create clear messaging that connects with your audience. 

He is also vital in platform-specific content and ideas that will grow your business to the next level.

Building on his Marketing and Mentoring background, Brad opened a consultancy in 2013 to provide locally owned businesses with relevant branding and communication solutions. 

As an author and speaker, Brad is passionate about helping business owners communicate confidently so that their messaging is clear and distinctive.

He has worked with over forty companies in developing growth strategies and messaging plans to help them build a connection with their audiences, so their businesses grow. 

Lora is an experienced business professional with a wide array of expertise, including working with businesses of all shapes and sizes from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. 

With a background in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Lora has a talent and passion for helping businesses create clear, practical strategies and then linking these strategies with specific marketing messages that resonate with their audience.

Successful business planning includes knowing your ideal target audience(s) and ensuring that every message and interaction with them helps build a mutually-beneficial lasting relationship that most effectively serves their needs.