Get a 4-Step Framework to Create a Clear Plan and Grow Your Business to the Next Level

The course you need to learn how to focus on the goals, audiences, and messaging that will help your business stand out in your market.


Less than 1% of Small Businesses Have a Clear Marketing Plan!

Without an expert on your side, you would need to understand branding, marketing, copywriting, online audience growth, and the best marketing platforms to make the right decisions to grow your business and reach your ideal customers, all while running your business.

  • Your business won't have a plan to grow in the next 24 months
  •  You'll do trial & error attempting to connect with your ideal customers
  •  You'll spend hours staring trying to craft the perfect message
  •  You won't know which channels you should be creating messages on

Create a Clear Plan to Grow Your Business to the Next Level!

By Focusing on the Goals, Audiences, and Messaging that will Help Your Business Stand Out in Your Market. We have used these tools to produce over $1M in sales and help many clients move towards success.

Your Growth Plan

Your Growth Plan becomes your barometer of how you will measure success, set practical goals, and execute clear action steps in the next 24 months.

Your Messaging

Your Messaging helps you clarify the unique story of why your brand matters, what makes you stand out, and how you will transform your customers' lives.

Your Audience

Your Audience defines your brand's four primary customer groups by identifying pain points for each audience, allowing you to know what each audience needs so you can create messaging that resonates.

Your Marketing Channels

Your Marketing Channels sets you up for success by combining your brand's goals with the audiences you want to reach and placing messaging in front of them on the channels they spend the most time on.


You Need a Framework Not a Formula!

Your goals over the next two years are unique to your business. So are your ideal customers. Presenting a clear message that speaks directly to your customers on the channels they spend most of their time on will cause you to win.

Stop searching for a formula. Learn a framework that you can use continually as you move toward success.


Your Plan To Grow Your Business to the Next Level

Learn the Framework

Join the Clearsound Framework course and get access to the 4-step framework, bonuses, and direct feedback from our team as we directly respond to comments inside the course.

Know Your Audience

Our framework will help you gain clarity so you can meet your ideal customers where they are, show that you know them, and offer them your products and services in a way that resonates with them and keeps them coming back.

Grow Your Business

With clarity, you will connect with your audience and grow your business by building relationships with customers who keep coming back to you. This clarity will empower you to stand out from the noise and create a clear sound.


Here's What People Are Saying About The Clearsound Framework

"The Clearsound Team helped me worked through the process of defining my top 4 prospect groups and created specific marketing language for each group. We transformed a chaotic marketing plan into a clear and precise process!"

- Greg Liszka, CFP®, RICP®

"Brad and Derek were excellent at listening, providing input, and helping me to focus my brand’s message so that my marketing could be so much more clear and effective! Clearsound played a huge role during my company’s rebranding." 

-Benna Kotch, DC

"The Clearsound Team provided invaluable assistance to us as our organization was just getting started. The Clearsound team took time to listen, to gain clarity about what we were trying to accomplish, and why! From that clarity, they helped us to formulate a cohesive framework and tangible steps forward."

-Rob Guy - President, Grove Manor Foundation (501c3)

"Through working with Clearsound, we have been able to refine our goals and understand how we could make meaningful connections with our customers. This has done more than increase sales; it's established strong relationships with people who have become advocates for our product and our mission."

-Joe Funte, Owner, Collage Coffee 


Clearsound Framework Course

Everything You'll Get Access to:

($1,500 VALUE)

The Clearsound Framework Course Includes 4 Tools that will help you craft a detailed map for success. You will begin by learning our framework of how to get Clear Goals and metrics to grow your business successfully over the next 24 months.  

You will then take that plan and learn how to define the perfect Audiences that fit your marketing plan. Next, you will learn how to create specific Messaging for each audience and the appropriate Channels for each of them based on your business goals! Also included is a FILLABLE WORKBOOK and the VISUAL REPORTS we usually only give our clients that work with us 1-1. Plus all the bonuses below add even more value!


Tool #1

Your Growth Plan

This multiple section module will help you focus on and set your organization’s goals and priorities for WHY you are communicating your message. We will teach you how to set goals that move you toward clear messaging and communication and lay out clear steps to how you will meet these communication and branding strategy goals over the next 18 months to 3 years.

Tool #2

Your Messaging

The second section of the course is focused on Messaging.  We will define the overarching truths that apply to every great narrative and story and will connect these truths directly to the message that you want to communicate. This section  will enable you to effectively tell the story of your company to your appropriate audience from the audience section. We will help you clarify and define your messaging so that you can craft a polished and clear message in co-ordinance with the overall marketing strategy from Your Growth Plan!

Tool #3

Your Audience

The third section of the course focuses on your audience(s). This tool focuses directly on how to define your target market, how to prioritize your audiences, and how to connect them to your growth plan. This section will train you how to specifically narrow your scope to those most relevant to your company.

Tool #4

Your Marketing Channels

The final section of the course will help you develop a plan for how each marketing channel should be used and how they should work together. This section will conclude with strategies on how to connect your growth plan, audiences, messaging, and marketing channels together to reach the defined goals and objectives through whichever channels best fit your audience and your business.

Clearsound Framework Workbook

Mapping Out Your Growth Plan

This 50-page interactive workbook will help you get practical on how to map out your business growth plan. It will help you craft and clarity your mission, vision, values, markers for success, and your goals and next steps.

It will also bring clarity to your ideal audiences, the messaging that they need to connect and grow with your business, and the channels needed to engage with them effectively where they are right now.


Visual Reporting

Usually presented as an optional add-on purchase at checkout is a visual report of three of the four tools. We will take your information from all of the trainings and worksheets and turn it into a practical visual roadmap. This will help you visualize what you have produced in the training and give you a clear roadmap with tactics on how to grow your business, achieve success, connect with your ideal audiences, craft specific messages, and define which channels to move onto now!


Plus get all these bonuses when you get access to the Clearsound Framework course today!

BONUS #1 ($97 VALUE)

5 Communication Tools to Connect with Your Audience

Want to create the perfect message? This mini course will be yours to watch, rewatch, and take notes on. The goal of this course is to help you create clear calls-to-action that your audience can say yes to without thinking. This course will help you build the right relationship with your audience so that everyone wins.

BONUS #2 ($47 VALUE)

5 Communication Tools and Game Plan Worksheets

One of the best pieces of practical feedback that we got about the 5 Communication Tools to Connect with Your Audience Course was that the worksheets and the Game Plan were profoundly helpful. Included in the 5 Communication Tools Course is each of the 5 worksheets that correspond with the video AND the Messaging Game Plan! Our team consistently uses the Messaging Game Plan Worksheet for our clients, and we used it to craft the very page you're reading right now.

BONUS #3 ($27 VALUE)

3 Essential Things We've Learned from Donald Miller

This mini course will show you the exact process that we learned from Donald Miller, how we improved it, and how it took our business to 6-figures in just a few short months. This e-course will recap what we learned from Donald Miler, and help you clarify your customer's story as you learn to help your customer discover how their lives can be changed by what you have to offer.

BONUS #4 ($27 VALUE)

Replay Library


The goal of the Flipside Challenge was to take 7 days to craft out a simple visual roadmap to show you how you can take your business to the next level by starting with the end in mind. You will get full access to these replays to watch them as you build your more comprehensive business growth plan.

The goal of the Messaging Makeover Challenge was to take 7 days to dive into how to create a message that resonates with your audience. In the challenge we go over knowing your identity, knowing your audience, knowing what your message needs to say, when to say it, and the biggest mistake that we've seen entrepreneurs make that could be costing them their business. The best part is you get full access to these replays to watch them as often as you'd like.

The Choice is Yours:

Pick which ever version of the course is right for you!

Full 6 Hour Video Training Course!


One time payment get you access to:

  • Tool #1: Your Growth Plan

  • Tool #2: Your Audience

  • Tool #3: Your Messaging

  • Tool #4: Your Marketing Channels

  • Clearsound Framework Workbook

  • PLUS all 4 of the amazing bonuses
  • The Visual Reports


Full 6 Video Training Course Plus Visual Assessment Reports!


One time payment get you access to:

  • Tool #1: Your Growth Plan

  • Tool #2: Your Audience

  • Tool #3: Your Messaging

  • Tool #4: Your Marketing Channels

  • Clearsound Framework Workbook

  • PLUS all 4 of the amazing bonuses
  • The Visual Reports that are typically only offered for those who pay us upwards of $5,000 in person!

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