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Clarify Your Message and Build Connection So You Can Grow Your Business

Without a clear message and connection with your audience, customers will tune you out. When you clarify your message and build a deep relationship with your audience using our tools, your business will grow.
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How Much is Lack of Connection and Confusing Messaging Costing You?

Many businesses struggle to have a marketing strategy that connects with their audience through messaging that resonates. When your marketing strategy isn't defined...

  • Your marketing campaigns fail because you don't have clear goals
  • Customers are unclear about the next step you are asking them to take
  • People like you are trying to sell them instead of knowing how much you care first
  • Nobody signs up for your email list or event
  • Your product/service isn't selling as well as you'd like
  • You add to the noise of your industry instead of standing out and creating a clear sound 

Your marketing needs to connect to a clear 2-year strategy for growth. It should be simple to understand and work with only a few hours of input each week. Most people are unsure of how to connect with their ideal audience in a way that makes their audience feel valued instead of violated with clear messaging that resonates. Instead, they add to the noise and blend into the crowd. Learn our Clearsound Framework and finally get clarity on your marketing strategy, audiences, messaging, and channels you should spend the most time on.

Learn The Framework

There are 4 ways you can work with Clearsound Consulting. Which one is right for you?

Option 1: Watch the On-Demand Course

Want to connect with your audience and grow your business? Learn the Clearsound Framework at your own pace from anywhere with our online Clearsound Framework Course.

In this online course, Derek Kelly, Lora Kelly, and Brad McKoy will show you how to create a 2-year marketing plan with goals, objectives, and next steps to help you connect your audience with clear messaging on the channels they spend the most time on.

In this course, you'll learn a 4-part framework that will help you connect with your ideal customers and grow your business by having a clear marketing plan that helps you stand out from the noise, create a clear sound, and connect with customers that feel honored to buy your product or service.

Perfect for: Any solo entrepreneur or small team who wants to craft a clear 2-year marketing plan with audiences, messaging, and channels defined by using the same framework we have used with over 50 clients over the past decade.

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Option 2: Get The Clearsound Suite

Do you need to get your team aligned around a clear marketing plan that works? With the Clearsound Suite, your team will work directly with our Clearsound Team using our premium suite of marketing and branding tools. These tools go beyond the Clearsound Framework Course and provide a defined roadmap for the growth of your business over the next 2 years. These calls can be done virtually or on-site with your team. 

Are you tired of spending money on marketing strategies that don't work and aren't tied to your business goals? If you feel like you've lost the strategy behind your marketing campaigns and want to work with a team as committed to your success as we are to clear messaging, this is the solution for you. Everyone on your team and our team will be aligned around a strategic 2-year plan that you can execute yourself or continue to work with us through future phases.

Perfect for: Any business wanting to align their team around a clear marketing plan with experts providing consultation and strategy throughout the entire Clearsound Suite process.

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Option 3: Build Your Marketing Channels

Do you want help building the assets needed to get your marketing message out to your ideal audience? After going through the Clearsound Framework Course or Clearsound Suite, many of our clients continue hiring us to build their marketing channels. We call this Phase 2.

In phase 2, clients often need help:

  • Building a website with clear landing pages to capture leads
  • Creating an e-commerce platform
  • Developing an online course that is produced and positioned well for their market
  • Producing video messaging that resonates with their top audiences
  • Taking photos of their team for a new, updated website
  • Setting up social media ads and Google Ads for future advertising
  • Updating their logo to match their new, clearer messaging
  • Creating business cards, pitch decks, folders, and other print material to serve their ideal audiences better

With a team by your side, you'll be confident that you have clear marketing channels to help you connect with your audience and grow your business.

Perfect for: Any business that has been through the Clearsound Suite or Clearsound Framework and wants digital assets created to help them get their message out to more people while not having to do the work on their own.

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Option 4: Hire Us For Services

Do you already have your assets built out and ready to grow your business? Clients often work with us during this third phase once they have their marketing plan, messaging, audiences, and channels planned out and have all their marketing assets ready to go. We call this phase 3 or Ongoing Marketing.

Clients often hire us on retainer to provide the following:

  • Local SEO
  • Copywriting Services
  • Blog Writing Services
  • Lead Generation
  • Lead Capture Page Design
  • Lead Magnet Design
  • Website Updates
  • Videography
  • Photography
  • Google Ads Management
  • Facebook Ads Management
  • Youtube Strategy
  • Podcast Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy and Execution

Our team desires to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Many of our clients gain clarity through the first two phases of working with our team and want us to implement the strategy together with the assets to launch their new growth plan.

Perfect for: Any business that clearly understands their people, products, and process well and has their marketing strategy and assets in place. If you've made it this far, let us help you connect with your audience and grow your business.

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Here's What Our Clients Are Saying

"The Clearsound Team helped me define a clear message that resonates with my prospects. We worked through the process of defining my top 4 prospect groups and created specific marketing language for each group. We transformed a chaotic marketing plan into a clear and precise process!"


"The Clearsound Team provided invaluable assistance as our organization was just getting started. They took time to listen, gain clarity about what we were trying to accomplish, and why! From that clarity, they helped us to formulate a cohesive framework and tangible steps forward."


"Through working with Clearsound, we have been able to refine our goals and think strategically and intentionally about who we want to engage. They helped us understand what was in our hearts and how to translate that into making meaningful connections with our potential customers. "


Learn The Framework

Take the online course or hire our team to take you through the Clearsound Suite so that you can gain clarity on your marketing plan, audiences, messaging, and marketing channels.

Connect With Your Audience

No more guessing about how to connect with your ideal audience in a way that reaches your business goals. Using our suite of tools, you'll understand precisely how to communicate with your audience in a way that resonates.

Grow Your Business

The 4-part framework we have used with nearly 50 clients will be foundational alongside your marketing assets to help you stand out from the noise and create a clear sound in your market.

Learn the Framework
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