People Over Platforms: Three KEYS to Your Marketing Efforts


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Back in 2014 I began my journey into online marketing excited for an age where you could reach customers through platforms like Facebook, Google Adwords, Youtube, and email – platforms where they were already hanging out.

Facebook was booming at the time so I decided I would start there out of necessity. Back then Facebook boosted posts worked very effectively and the targeting was outstanding. I could do targeted ads based on household income, whether someone was in a job like real estate, and many more very detailed targeting options.

I was determined. I was going to become a Facebook Ads expert. I knew, at the same time, that I had to learn email marketing. Mailchimp, an email marketing platform, was still rather basic at the time so our team decided to go with a platform called Infusionsoft.

Infusionsoft was powerful! You could do all kind of crazy marketing combinations to reach your targeted audience after you initially connected with them on Facebook.


But here in lies the problem with both of these platforms – the instability.

Over the years I have built some very successful campaigns with both Infusionsoft and Facebook, but the problem is the platforms keep on changing.

I remember logging into Facebook one morning frustrated because a notification came up that “income-based” targeting would be removed from their platform. I thought to myself, “Great, we just signed on a client that would largely benefit from detailed income-based targeting”.

So, for that client specifically, I began to look into Google Adwords. I went as far as to take a 40 hour course just to learn the Google Adwords platform. Another problem arose, in the months from when the lecturer recorded the Google Adwords course, to when I actually started the content, Google had revamped their entire backend system and even completely rebranded themselves as Google Ads.

These multiple instances left me devastated. I kept thinking to myself,

“What’s the point of learning a platform when the algorithm and the way the platform was being used would ultimately change every 3-6 months”.

Social media marketing was only one piece of a very solid way in which our team did marketing for our clients, and social media marketing kept changing….

One morning my business partner and I were sitting at coffee shop. He looked up for his pen and pad and swiftly said, “the psychology is more important than the technology”.

It hit me. For years we had been building and encouraging business owners to embrace connecting with their audience and knowing how to communicate with their audience. More than a specific platform, we had been delivering and teaching a framework that helped businesses connect with their audience in a way that their audience knew had to respond with clarity and direction.

As I was more and more teaching this framework to clients, I realized that there was no way that I could both keep up with both developing our framework and staying current on Google Ads, Youtube Advertising, Facebook Post and Ads, Instagram, and email marketing. 

The framework that we teach is built on a simple foundation – we, as people, need and want connection and real relationships. This truth is the basis for how we think about all connection in-person and online.

Even in the online marketing world, we are advertising to real people who have feelings, emotions, wants, and desires. Although we might be “paying for a click” that click is done by a mom, dad, son, or daughter who ultimately just wants to live a better life than they are living in the moment.

The three simple concepts that build this foundation are:

 1. Build long-term relationships – we get this all wrong in online advertising. You would never ask your significant other on the first date to marry you, yet we ask people to buy from us right out of the get-go ALL THE TIME. People want to be known and want to be connected, yet we lose the value of building relationship in all forms of marketing. This is KEY to me. If you take nothing else from this article LEARN THIS. Our team works with many clients and our end goal is always a long-term relationship. Sure this is beneficial in terms of revenue, but more importantly, if I get to have a long-term relationship with a client, then I really get to become someone that can journey together with them through their failures and their successes. They also get to champion and encourage me as well as my business grows. Remember, we long to be known and connected. 

2. Become a solution provider – All of us have problems in life that we are hoping a product/service can solve. From professional counseling to hair products, we want something that solves our problems and makes our lives better.

3. Talk specifically to someone – We would never do this in-person, but often online we will broadcast our message to everyone. Remember, people are unique with individual desires, pains, cares, and needs. If we want to be a real solution provider then we need to offer unique solutions that actually fit the specific problem someone is facing. Quick tip: Your landing page, ad language, sales pages, and more should all be talking to a specific person. Yes, this means creating more pages.

In the digital marketing age we can often treat people like numbers and not like real individuals behind a computer screen. As you can see my story is one that exemplifies the value of people over platforms in your marketing efforts.

These simple keys will do wonders for your business. I’d love to personally hear your results as you implement these keys. Please message me at derek@ and let me know how these keys have helped your business grow and connect.

For more insights on EXACT ways to care and connect with your audience through email, on Facebook, and in all your marketing efforts, you can learn more here: