How Having A Defined Target Audience Will Increase Your Marketing Efforts


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Have you ever questioned if you are targeting the right market for your specific product or service?

After all, how can you know for sure if your ideal customer really exists out there? 

I understand this can feel like such a daunting task for a growing business. But, the truth is knowing exactly who it is you’re speaking to will allow you to eliminate all the guess work when it comes to your marketing efforts. 


Communication to everyone is communication to no one.

Think about how many different types of people exist out there in the world. People with all kinds of different interests, opinions, beliefs, and lifestyles. 

There is no way all those different types of people are going to be obsessed with what you have to offer. It’s just not going to happen, no matter how awesome your product or service may be.

It’s much smarter to identify your ideal customer and to design your products and marketing campaigns with that person in mind. This will show you the exact kind of person you want to attract and sell your products to.


How to define your target audience:

First, you’ll need to answer some questions about this person such as, what gender they are, what age range they fall in, where they live, what their hobbies are, and what challenges they are currently facing? 

A really good way to go about answering these questions is to think about what kind of person you would enjoy spending your time with? Someone you feel like you can connect to and be able to empathize with their current reality. 

This is also known as a “buyer persona”, basically a fake yet realistic person that describes a specific, existing demographic. It’s important to focus on the details that are important to your business. For example:


  • Aspiring Entrepreneur 
  • Takes online courses to learn new business skills
  • Travels to networking events to build new relationships


  • Owns 2 dogs
  • Loves coffee
  • Enjoys long walks on the beach 

Defining these things will work to attract your ideal customer to you instead of wasting your time on chasing techniques that won’t sustain your business in the long run. You will know exactly how to communicate to the people who are interested in what you have to offer and you’ll be able to develop your business or brand around that person. 


What is your target audiences core desire in life?

Now, think about what your target audience’s one big core desire is? What is it they spend their time dreaming of, and what do they want to achieve out of life? This is so important because if you can determine what your ideal customer desires then, you’ll be able to align your marketing campaigns to fill this need and they will be more likely to engage, follow, and buy from you. 

When it comes down to it people follow you because they feel like what you have to offer and it provides value to their life. And they’ll keep coming back because you’re aligned as an expert in your target market. 

Honestly, it’s really that simple. Define who it is you’re trying to attract and engage as a customer. And then determine what it is, they want. What is their one big core desire? Once you define this for yourself you’ll find more qualified, engaged leads that feel connected to what you have to offer. 


How you can implement this into your marketing efforts:

When it comes to the messaging on your website, social media posts, email campaigns, or any other customer touchpoint it’s important that you talk with your customer in mind. Your messaging shouldn’t be focused on you and what you like or need from them but rather it should speak to the heart of your customer and what they need. 


For example, if you are running a weekend flash sale for your newest e-course instead of saying…

“Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know I’m running a weekend flash sale for my new e-course. I’ve spent so much time developing this resource and I’m really excited for you to get in at such a great price! You won’t regret it!” 


You could say…

“Hey friends! I understand how paralyzing it can be to feel stuck as a business owner. That feeling of being overwhelmed and not knowing what step to take next or which goal to focus on for your business. Over the years I’ve received so many questions from aspiring entrepreneurs about getting unstuck. So, I developed this e-course to help you feel empowered to take your next step and move forward with direction! This price will only last for this weekend only! So don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive a  powerful resource that has already helped so many business owners. Can’t wait to hear about your success!”



Can you tell the difference between the two?

The first example focus’ on what you’ve done and what you want from your customer. And the second example focus’ on how you’re aligned as an expert and shows empathy towards where your customer is currently and how you can help solve one of their biggest problems.

And this my friends is how having a defined target audience will increase your marketing efforts.