3 Ways Your Marketing Strategy Impacts Your Web Design


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The truth is, we live in a world that’s constantly fighting to get our attention. 


Leaving you asking, 

“How can I stand out from the crowd and increase engagement with my brand?” 


As the integration of marketing continues to increase around us it’s easy to feel overwhelmed as a business owner trying to figure out where to start.

When it comes to developing a strategic marketing plan for your business, having a strong website becomes a non-negotiable. In today’s market it’s no longer enough to have a website based solely on design or function. It’s all about the path you lead your user down moving them from a curious bystander to a loyal customer. 

Every detail matters from the layout, to the colors, to the content. These essential elements work together as a strategic tool that will resonate with your target audiences core challenges and desires making them feel connected to you as a person and an authority leader in your industry.


A Well-Crafted Website Is More Important Than Ever

There is one thing that seems to be clear, no matter what industry you’re in. Having a website that is clean, up to date, informative, and aesthetically pleasing is imperative. This builds trust with your target audience and will have a direct impact on increasing leads and conversion rates, leading to revenue growth. 

When executed effectively, a great website will operate as its own marketing campaign, continuously working to speak to the heart of your audience. Your website should guide your customer through the 3 phases of relationship: curiosity, enlightenment, and commitment. It’s important to understand that asking for a commitment before a customer is ready, will make you come off as ‘pushy’ or ‘salesy’.



At this point, you may be thinking, 

“This sounds great and all, but how do I implement this into my brand?” 

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Below, we’ll explore the 3 ways your web design has a direct impact on your marketing strategy. 



1. Your Unique Point Of View

Understanding who it is you’re speaking to allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. In turn, you’ll gain more influence within your specific industry. Remember, your website isn’t all about you it’s about your target audiences core challenges and desires. By aligning what you offer as the solution to their most pressing problems you are providing a shortcut to the transformation they are looking to achieve.


Ask yourself:

“What makes my approach different from my competitors?” 


2. User Experience 

A well-crafted website will lead your customer down a clear path and show them how simple it is to do business with you. Through establishing  a meaningful first impression you continue to build trust with your customer. 


A few ways to implement a strong user experience include:

  • A clear call to action that answers the question “How do I get it?”. Stay away from blanket statements like, “Get Started” or “Learn More”.
  • Communicate what’s at stake if your customer doesn’t buy your product.  This is the part where you talk about their current reality. What challenges are they currently facing and what do they desire?
  • Speak to the value your product provides and the transformation they will experience when they buy your product. People want to know what’s in it for them.   


3. Brand Influence

Having strategies in place that nurture a consistent relationship with your customers and users will develop brand loyalty. Your customer will begin to know, like, and trust you as a brand. This means they feel a sense of connection and loyalty to you, not just your products. This is more valuable than making a single sale. These customers are going to be the ones jumping on the waitlist for your next product release and they will be the ones that share what you offer passionately with everyone they know.

One of the best ways to establish brand influence is to develop a lead magnet that touches a pain point your customer is facing. A lead magnet is a free piece of value that you give in exchange for a customers email. This can be a PDF, a mini course, a video workshop, or even a webinar. 

With a solid foundation in place, anchored by a well-crafted website you can now conquer the overwhelm of a world constantly fighting to get your attention. You have security in knowing the impact your marketing strategy has on your web design and confidence that it is continuously working to speak to the heart of your audience.